Blue dynamite, blue pointer or the mighty Mako call them what you like this is one of the most exciting and volatile species on Earth. The Mako comes in to Victorian coastal waters as the warm fingers of blue water push in to Bass straight and the southern ocean.

A powerful and aggressive species of Shark, the Mako will push you to your limits. On these charters we will use 15 and 24 kg stand up Game tackle matched to harnesses that will give you the fight of your life.

Also on these trips expect Tiger Flathead, Barracouta, Arrow Squid and a a range of bottom and reef species.


January to April in local waters and April to August from Portland Victoria.


These are full day charters leaving at sunrise and coming in late afternoon giving you every chance of success on these fearsome sharks.


  • Werribee South
  • Portland

Fishing Areas

  • Southern Ocean
  • Portland
  • Bass Strait


Single Bookings:
$350 per angler (set dates apply)

Boat (Group) Booking:
$2100.00 (Max 6 people)

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