One of Victoria’s best eating and angling fish the Snapper cuts through the water in a red flash. We will supply you with all the equipment you need. Join us from October to February for a fantastic day on the Bay.

Southern Calamari

A staple at every fish and chip shop in Australia calamari shoals are plentiful in the southern waters. Magnet Fishing Charter can set up the arena for you to chase Southern Calamari through clean waters from September to April.

Southern Bluefin Tuna

At Magnet Fishing Charters we aim to give our anglers a challenge. Renowned for their speed and strength Bluefin Tuna have earned their reputation as tough sportfish. From April to August the Magnet enters the steely-blue waters of the Southern Ocean in search of these delicious and huge fish.

King George Whiting

If you are itching for a tasty table fish Magnet Fishing Charters have just what you’ve been looking for. With our high-quality rods and reels all you have to do is wait for the fish to come to you on our comfortable vessel.

Mako Sharks

Mako Sharks are a legend in their own right. Highly-prized and sought after by skilled anglers Mako Sharks require all the attention and strength that anglers can muster. Between January and August we set sail from Portland straight into the Bass Strait in search of these predators.

Yellowtail Kingfish

From January to March hop aboard the Magnet as we enter the perilous waters of The Rip to search for and snare beautiful and prized Yellowtail Kingfish. With our charter boat trips Portland Kingfish fanatics will have the best opportunity to bring one of these beauties home for dinner.


Victorian waters have an abundance of the amazing eating Flatheads. From the Shallow Sand Flats of Port Phillip Bay to Deep offshore, Ocean Sand Flats Flathead are numerous and fun to catch.

Gummy Shark

Australia’s best eating and great fishing, Gummy Shark is an iconic species in Southern Australia.


The mighty chicken of the sea will see you short of breath as you struggle with jigging and same to target this hard fishing eating tuna.

Australian Salmon

The hard fighting high jumpings Australian Salmon is favourite in Victorian waters. Big schools of hungry salmons can be found schools of Bat fish on our inner reefs.
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