Jump on board our custom built fishing machine and chase the iconic Port Phillip Bay Snapper (Pagrus Auratus). These fish are the focus for anglers as they spend long hours on the water in search of that trophy old man snapper. We supply all the rods, reels, lines, lures and the freshest bait to ensure you have the best chance of landing that big one!

Aboard our charters you won’t be rushed off the boat so the next crew can jump on; we leave ample time between trips just in case the fish are running hot.

Snapper Feat 4


September to April


Times will change as days lengthen and shorten to ensure we are on the water at the best possible times.




Single Bookings – $160.00 per angler (set dates apply)
Pensioners and Children Under 18 – $130.00 per angler (set dates apply)
Boat (Group) Booking – Starting at $1200.00 for up to 8 people.