Leaving from Portland Victoria, join us on a Tuna Fishing Charter as we search the vast Southern Ocean in search of the magnificent Bluefin Tuna. The Southern Bluefin Tuna are the speedsters of the open ocean and provide awesome sportfishing experiences for anglers in search of hard fighting and prime eating species. Departing from Portland our Bluefin Tuna charters take advantage of the abundant and fertile waters off of Victoria’s southern coast.

Perfect for skilled anglers, our Portland Bluefin Tuna charters give our guests immediate access to the wild and deep waters of southern Victoria and for a low price. By catering to the skills of our anglers our bluefin fishing charters provide an unmatched and unforgettable experience for our valued guests to remember.



From our berth in Portland we set sail into the open waters for the challenging Bluefin Tuna between the peak tuna season of April and August, taking advantage of this high-quality fish when it is at its most plentiful.


These are full day fishing charters departing at sunrise – weather dependent, allowing all of our guests to have the right amount of time to hook one of these beauties. Our Portland Bluefin Tuna charters take advantage of the best departure times to give our anglers the best opportunity to hook one of these marvellous fish.

Charter Descriptions

Jump on board our custom-built fishing machine for a Bluefin Tuna Fishing Charter and chase the magnificent Southern Bluefin Tuna. We supply all the rods, reels, lines, lures and the freshest bait to ensure you have the best chance of landing that big one!

Possessing a Master 5 accreditation and the license to fish off of the continental shelf Magnet Fishing can take you right into the thriving waters of the Southern Ocean, giving you the best chance to hook one of these prized fish.




Single Bookings:
$300 per angler (set dates apply)

Boat (Group) Booking:
$1800.00 (Max 6 people) Friday to Monday
$1600.00 (Max 6 people) Tuesday to Thursday